This remodeled space formerly housed an ice cream parlor, and the cocktail menu features classics from that era, as well as a rotating selection of seasonal offerings. Drink prices are usually between $12 and $14, while the craft cocktail menu is more expensive, with most drinks running between $14 and $24. The Lord Fairfax cocktail, named for an aristocrat in Virginia, combines bourbon, amaro, absinthe, and gin.

Mac's at 19 Broadway

One of the best cocktails is available in Mac's at 19 Broadway a Bar in Fairfax is the Lord Fairfax, a cocktail named for a Virginia aristocrat. The bar is known for its craft beer and wine selection, as well as its history of live music. The upscale ambiance is perfect for a date, and live music is available Friday and Saturday nights. If you're looking for a more upscale bar, consider the newer Mac's at 19 Broadway.

Room for Milly

The Long-running Mac's on Broadway in New York City has been named one of America's Best Cocktail Bars. The bar offers open-mike nights, live music, patio seating, and a casual vibe. Open daily from 11am to midnight, Mac's has a reputation for serving up cocktails and craft beer that rival the finest in the country. This bar is perfect for a date, a night out on the town, or an evening with friends.

Forget Me Not

If you are looking for an unforgettable night out in New York City, Forget Me Not at Mac's at nineteenth-floor Broadway is the place to be. This jazzy bar offers live jazz every night. The interior is decorated with palm trees and black leather seating. The prices of drinks range from $18 to $22, and you can enjoy a small menu of bar snacks. This bar stays open until 1 am Tuesday through Saturday.

Goldie's at Goldie's

Located in Fairfax, California, Mac's at Nineteen Broadway is a popular bar featuring Prohibition-style cocktails and live lounge music. This establishment is great for over-age patrons and features live music on Friday and Monday nights. There is even a Blues jam on Mondays. The atmosphere at Mac's is both fun and comfortable. There are plenty of other things to do in Fairfax, too, including seeing live music on weekends and listening to a Blues jam.


Montero's at Mac's on Broadway has been named one of America's Best Cocktail Bars, which is no surprise considering the eclectic menu and upscale ambiance. The bar is the ultimate date spot, as the rotisserie chicken is served until three in the morning. The drinks here are expensive, but they are also delicious. You can linger over your drink and the music while you dance the night away.

Dear Irving on Hudson

If you love to drink, Mac's at 19 Broadway bars in Fairfax, CA is definitely worth a visit. With a fully stocked bar and carefully curated craft beer and wine list, this lounge serves classic cocktails and the best of prohibition. Live music is also regularly featured. Once a favorite spot for local rockers, Mac's at 19 Broadway once struggled to stay in business as the town grew and became family oriented.

Sidney's Five

If you're looking for an upbeat place to grab a drink in the heart of the financial district, look no further than Sidney's Five Cocktail Bar at Mack's at 19. The retro pub features old-timey touches like rotating taps and upscale bar food. Try their specialty cocktail, the Sidney's Five. We recommend it. You can also check out their extensive selection of ice cream and sundaes.


Attaboy at Mac's at the 19th Broadway in New York City is a speakeasy with a reputation for creating unique and modern cocktails. Its founders are alumni of Milk & Honey, which launched the craft cocktail movement in New York City in the early 2000s. Attaboy occupies the same space as Milk & Honey, in the Lower East Side. In addition to its New York location, other American bars were recognized on the list, including Kumiko in Chicago and Cafe La Trova in Miami.